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Our Skilled Angular JS Developers Enable Us to Deliver Highly-Interactive & Data-Driven Angular JS Web Applications

Nowadays AngularJS is a widely used open source framework useful in the development of dynamic web apps, overcoming the challenges met during the development of single page applications. Using the HTML as template language and to extend its syntax, it is helpful in expressing apps components in a coherent manner.

At Alpha Soft we are a top-running AngularJS web development company having delivered a number of mobile and web apps that are highly secure, robust, easy to maintain and extensible with various of additional features. In the work delivered by us, we aim to simplify both development as well as testing of applications offering a framework for Client side model View Controller (MVC) architecture. You get scalable Angular JS web applications with great feature that serve the complex requirement of business of diverse verticals.

We have a team of AngularJS developers using cutting-edge tools and latest technologies thus offering brilliant and extensive AngularJS development services. Using the exclusive AngularJS features, such as Two Way Data Binding, HTML Template, Directives, Dependency Injection and Testing, our developers build a data-driven web application. With us you can build better customer network with access to latest tools and technologies thus allowing the development of cost-effective mobile applications.

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AngularJS Development Services

Expert Angular JS developers at Alpha Soft adopt advanced MVC pattern to develop dynamic & powerful, mobile and web applications

AngularJS customization

It is beneficial to customize the appearance of business website as per the requirements and this is possible with AngularJS customization services..

Web Application Development

Get experienced AngularJS web developers delivering great services so it’s easy to create wonderful website.

Plugin Development

AngularJS is an amazing JavaScript framework useful in creating effective plugins helpful in the development of AngularJS applications.

AngularJS Portal Development

With the help of AngularJS technology it is easier to build simple and enticing portal system with floating panels.

AngularJS eCommerce & Shopping Cart development

Developing a helpful and feature-rich shopping cart is a lot easier with the help of AngularJS that offers great eCommerce solutions.

AngularJS UX/UI Development

With AngularJS technology it’s easy to get cost effective and efficient UX/UI development services as our skilled developers offer great solutions.

Real-Time applications

Now it is easy to build a real time collaborative chat application using AngularJS development services offered by us.

Data-rich applications

Get fast, responsive and modern applications for completely rich experience. We develop dynamic web apps for the clients.

Dedicated Hiring Solutions

Hire dedicated and highly-skilled AngularJS developers with us and get right support regarding AngularJS development.

Why Choose AngularJS for Web Development

Our AngularJS developers fully-exploit this technology to build rich web applications That Meet efficiently meet the complex business goals.

Vast array of 3rd party libraries

Platform and Portability Independent Conduct

Free to use due to open source

Extremely secure to create internet application

Provide flexible environment with Java run time system

Can run on Linux, Windows and Mac

Provide integrated support for multithreaded programming

Supports cross platform code