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Our wide spread experience in cloud computing technology enable us to craft all-inclusive cloud based solutions bespoke to you business demand.

At Alpha Soft we help you enable a faster, simpler path to cloud that delivers industry-leading TCO along with the flexibility to adapt your cloud to the future. We have a number of corporate and government entities utilizing our cloud computing solution in order to address a variety to application and infrastructure requirements such as CRM, database, compute and data storage. Utilize our cloud computing services in order to simplify application utilization, store, share and protect content, enabling access from any web-connected device.

We are a comprehensive Cloud computing solutions provider helping companies of all sizes and across industries, thus recognizing the power of Cloud Computing. At Alpha Soft  we have a solution-based approach to ensure that we are assisting you in building a cloud strategy working for your business today and tomorrow as your business evolves. Our Cloud Computing services allow users to access data, applications and services over the Internet eliminating the need for expensive hardware, such as hard drives and servers – lending users the ability to work from anywhere

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Organizations nowadays head to the Cloud in order to benefit from the scalability, responsiveness and cost efficiencies offered by Cloud Computing. At Alpha Soft our Advisory Services allow businesses to develop an overall Cloud Computing strategy, a detailed cost-benefit analysis and a roadmap for enterprise-wide implementation. With the integration of strategic transformation of processes, technologies and capabilities, we ensure the optimal mix of enhanced agility, reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximum Return on Investment (ROI).


Cloud Applications developed by us are a complete and modular set of enterprise applications, engineered from the ground up to be cloud-ready and so that it co-exists in a seamless manner in mixed environments. With our Application Development services you get the most optimum benefits of Cloud. You can use the technology and expertise fueling our success in the pre-cloud era and thus you get custom cloud applications targeting private, public and hybrid cloud platforms.


As it comes to cloud integration, we offer end-to-end and full-fledged support to the clients. We understand that Cloud integration is a critical things requiring seamless management process and our expert team ensure the same with high end precision. At Alpha Soft we guarantee cost-effective Cloud Integration Solutions.

  • Cloud Integration & Testing
  • Google App Engine Implementation
  • Module Integration into cloud platforms
  • Sap Hana Cloud Integration
  • HP Helion Cloud Integration
  • AWS Cloud Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Windows Azure Implementatio


Now you can easily migrate legacy applications to the cloud with us as we offer scalable computer power and enable your app gain access to elastic infrastructure services as demanded by your business. With us you get real-world experience and knowledge across various industry verticals and domains in migrating customers’ existing on-premises applications to cloud, transform their present legacy applications for migration readiness and build new native cloud applications. With us you can migrate, transform, build and convert applications in an efficient and quick manner so you can manage those applications easily.


We have a team of AWS expertise with great experience in helping companies leverage Amazon Web Services. With us you can determine the business case so that it moves to AWS, to design, deploy and manage complex AWS initiatives and you get a wide-range of consulting and technology solutions for Amazon Web Services.


With Azure Solutions & Consulting we help business in evaluating their ideas in a fast manner as well as build optimum solutions on Cloud. Our services help you in attaining controlled costs, better compliance, higher Return on Investment (ROI) and generate better revenue at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We offer server components and administrative tools for strategic, even global information management greatly supporting the advantages of the Platform as a Service approach of Microsoft Azure.

Slash Your Operating Costs & Respond Faster To Business Demands

All Inclusive Cloud Computing Solutions

We associate with you to comprehend your goals and long-term vision, taking a controlled approach to evaluate and obtain the most value from cloud technologies. We use cloud technology and our domain expertise to makes sure that you get solutions that truly reflect the needs of your business the first time.


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Application Management
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the market leader among Cloud computing service providers despite the presence of strong competitors in the market the provider has built up a vast ecosystem of partners and keeps piling on features to broaden its appeal, with even conventional enterprises now thinking about moving production workloads to AWS cloud services. The experts at Alpha Soft are well equipped with knowledge and skill-set to bring out the most value from AWS to build the best IT infrastructure for your business.


Simply made-to-work, Microsoft Windows Azure calls for the finest of technological expertise, to get it done for you. All the functional advantages and facilities provided by Azure needs to be tackled by nimble hands and experienced minds – so that it delivers optimum value with least cost involved. At Alpha Soft, we have advantageously used the benefits of Windows Azure Development roping in our distinguished rapport with Microsoft solutions that we have earned all these years.

Explore the Potential of SaaS, Azure & Dynamic CRM

Developing custom solutions based on SaaS, Azure, SharePoint & Microsoft Dynamics that help you collect, process and Analyze data to make fast decision.


Software as a service allows you to deliver applications over the Internet – as a service. There is no need to install and maintain software and you can simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management.


Since long Microsoft SharePoint is serving the world with amazing platform for web development. It’s a content management and document management system that every developer is proud of. It’s more like, web-integration taking a new notch with Microsoft SharePoint’s significant offerings.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a business solution that helps in developing leads, nurture contacts, track your sales and keep your customers happy. It covers the best practices of CRM, with the flexibility, familiarity and functionality expected from Microsoft.


At Alpha Soft we provide secure, flawless and speedy migration of your applications to cloud environment, modifying existing software or applications and implementing data integration. Here, we use 3rd party applications when required. Our experienced cloud experts migrate your servers, databases and Web apps and mobile applications to cloud environments to facilitate you with the advantage of cloud computing such as scalability, cost savings and flexibility.



Dev & QA Environments


Benefits of Adopting Cloud Services

With Our cloud computing solutions, you can save substantial capital costs with zero in-house server storage & application requirements.

Do more with less

It’s easier for the companies to reduce the size of their own data centers or eliminate their data center footprint. With the lesser number of servers, the software cost and the number of staff drastically reduces IT costs sans impacting an organization’s IT capabilities.

Better collaboration

Cloud applications enhance collaboration allowing number of people meet virtually and easily share information in real time and via shared storage. This way you can reduce time-to-market as well as enhance product development and customer service.

Flexible costs

The cloud computing costs are way flexible as compared to traditional methods. Companies just require to commission and this way only pays for server and infrastructure capacity as required.


With cloud computing companies don’t require purchasing equipment and build out and operate a data center. There is no need to spend huge sum of money on hardware, facilities, utilizes and other aspects of operations.

Improved mobility

Employees can access data and applications from anywhere in the world whereas workers can take their work anywhere via smart phones and tablets.

Less environmental impact

As there as lesser number of data centers around the globe and with more efficient operations, we are collectively have less of an impact on the environment. This way companies using shared resources improve their ‘green’ credentials.