Get the right CRM solution to improve your sales productivity, boost up your win sales and grow your revenue.

Custom CRM Software Development Services

Helping your business drive success making everyone part of your organization. We allow you engage and nurture more customers with us.

Through our dynamic CRM solutions, we provide you with custom modules and incorporate your CRM arrangement with third party application to provide IT sync within different applications. We provide a range of development and customization services that allow us to deliver CRM and accountancy systems that exactly meets your needs and specifications. Also, we provide customized module development services for Sugar CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Vtiger. You get entire CRM product engineering and CRM software up-gradation services with the right mix of solution for your ever growing business requirements.

CRM is a key tool for serving valuable solutions to customers and maintaining healthy relationship with them. Solution in Customer Relationship Management varies from business leads supervision or customer interfacing development or sales force mechanization to uninterrupted correlation management – from marketing to deliverance of service or product. Customer Relationship Management solutions at Alpha Soft are most deftly framed to serve modern-day business needs. Our adept professionals have extensive experience in building huge CRM applications and develop a solution following a standardized and agile system of solution development.

Bespoke CRM Solutions

Bespoke CRM solution to increase business productivity

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& Upgrades


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management which is among the core services or enterprise integration process and at Alpha Soft we possess special insight and skills in this kind of services.


Proper planning is the most essential thing for CRM implementation along with step-by-step development process and just maintenance services. AtAlpha Soft we have expertise in delivering CRM implementation services with high-end precision.

Key Features

  • Global Rollouts & Management
  • New CRM Implementation
  • Reimplementation & Troubleshooting
  • FIT & GAP Analysis
  • Data Migration & Conversion
  • Effective Enterprise Data Management
  • CRM Demonstration & CRM Training


Customers are the most essential part of any business and here at Alpha Soft we deliver services or products and at the same time also maintain maximum customer satisfaction. We develop right kind of CRM development solutions that offer instant access to the customer information crucial for assessing sales strategies and customer services processes.

Key Features

  • Automating the entire sales process
  • Improving customer service
  • Salesforce automation and management
  • Tracking of sales leads and conversion rates
  • Effective lead generation and tracking tools


Now it’s a lot easier to connect systems to a number of users with Mobile CRM apps accounting for a chunk of this investment. If we go by a Software Advice Survey, almost half of all CRM users state that they are accessing CRM systems using smartphones, whereas 45 percent use tablets. This way around 30 percent users are using a combination of laptops, desktops and mobile devices whereas half of mobile CRM users say that mobile access hugely enhances the quality of their CRM data. Going by the fondness of users for mobile CRM, it’s certain that the mobile CRM apps are certain to grow incessantly.


At Alpha Soft we have a team of dedicated and skilled professionals with expertise in CRM development and integration services. With us you get meticulous solutions while we also enjoy the status of being among the most prominent CRM service provider.

Key Features

  • SharePoint, Office 365 Integration
  • Yammer, Skype, Lync Integration
  • Exchange Server, Insideview Integration
  • Legacy Systems / ERP Integration
  • Lotus Notes, Social Tools Integration
  • Web Services / Scribe / SSIS Integration
  • Real-time / Batch Integration


CRM migration is useful in migrating other software from other platforms to an organization’s CRM infrastructure. With the help of this service strong expertise is delivered with accurate insight. Join hands with us to get the professional CRM migration solutions.

Key Features

  • CRM Porting, Upgrade Evaluation
  • CRM Porting Transition Support
  • On-Premise to Cloud and Vice-Versa
  • CRM Data Migration Services
  • CRM to CRM Migration Services
  • Database Porting Services
  • Event & Action Module Configuration
  • Porting to Dynamics CRM


With us you get dedicated, CRM specialist training and support and this is a sure-shot way to ensure success from your CRM initiative. With our training work we focus on the provision of high-quality, customized training material, training delivery and support. We put together a substantial body of existing collateral that can be used together with highly experienced staff.

We at Alpha Soft take extreme pride in the support we provide both during and after implementation. You get support for both hosted and on-premise CRM deployments.


At Alpha Soft you get best kind of support services for a wide range of products and releases. With us it’s easier that you stay on your current, stable releases via the next decade and beyond sans the necessity of software upgrades – meanwhile the right to upgrade is retained on a time line suiting your business requirements and budget.

Get Customer-First CRM Solutions That Never Let You Lose the Focus

All inclusive CRM solutions

Our experts work closely with you ensuring your CRM solution delivers the functionality users expect and the flexibility required by your business to adapt and grow.

Strategic CRM

Strategic CRM is a kind of CRM in which the customers come first in place in the business. It does wonders in collecting, segregating and applying information about customers and market trends in order to help it come up with better value proposition for the customer

Operational CRM

Operational CRM is mainly about customer-centric business processes like marketing, selling and services. This comprise of automations such as, Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation and Service Automation. At Alpha Soft we have expertise in ZOHO and Sales Force.

Analytical CRM

Based on capturing, interpreting, segregating, storing, modifying, processing and reporting customer-related data, Analytical CRM comprise of internal business-wide data such as Sales Data, Finance Data and Marketing Data.

Collaborative CRM

Smooth communication and transactions among businesses is possible via collaborative CRM. Collaborative CRM employs new communication systems such as chat rooms, web forums, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). At Alpha Soft, we specialize in Sugar CRM.

Why Your Business Need an Efficient CRM Solution ?

CRM lends you with a set of capabilities, processes, strategies and technologies in order to manage end-to-end customer relationship.

With CRM you get better customer experience with the company through total process clarity and instant transactions.

It ensures proficient management of customer data, past purchase patterns and preferences.

You get comprehensive administrative control over the CRM process with system transparency.

CRM offers great insight into the sales team productivity with automated alerts, emails, and reminders.

With the help of CRM you can use SaaS CRM applications from multiple locations and in multiple languages

Get insightful futures and customization options which are mainly designed for the sales or customer care personnel.

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